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Robin Gayton Memorial Scholarship

"To the Queen of our Soul... We Live You! We Love You!"

In Remembrance of Robin Gayton:

3.10.1955 ~ 5.05.2019

Robin Gayton founded Gayton Dance Studio in 1975. Her passion, legacy and dedication to her dancers is the foundation of Gayton Studio. Not only was she the owner but the heart and soul of our studio. She dedicated her entire life to Gayton and now it is our duty to continue her love for this art and tradition of excellence through the Robin Gayton Memorial Scholarship. She wanted to help dancers reach their goals and passion, regardless of payment. Robin was a huge advocate of giving back to the community and is the proponent of changing the lives of multi-generational dancers! 

Her park bench and dedication tree is located at E.B. Rains Park in Northglenn, CO. She is remembered daily by family and friends, and we all look forward to the day when we get to dance with her again! 

The Robin Gayton Memorial Scholarship 

This scholarship is awarded every year to a dancer who not only shows dedication, passion and discipline, but also has a genuine love for the art of dance. This scholarship is not only an honor but our way to give back. Robin Gayton would be proud of this award. 

Robin Gayton Memorial Scholarship: Welcome

Robin Gayton 2019 Northglenn Legacy Award Winner!

Robin Gayton Memorial Scholarship: About Us
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